“I have had the pleasure of working with Olivia for 15 years while she was Artistic Director of Tall Stories. Olivia achieved an extraordinary amount during her tenure and it’s almost impossible to put into a few words why I love working with her. Probably what stands out to me the most is how much value she places in people; she set the working culture of Tall Stories and acknowledges that a nurtured team and an inclusive culture leads to better results and happier audiences. She is hugely generous with her time and I can’t think of a better mentor or consultant to emerging artists. Olivia knows how to bring out the best in people and make them thrive.”
Lucy Wood – Chief Operating Officer PW Productions
Olivia has mentored OftheJackel across multiple projects with a range of bespoke advice and guidance. Olivia’s input has been invaluable. She took time to understand our needs and tailored her suggestions accordingly. Her formidable industry insight coupled with a knack for anticipating potential obstacles empowered us to break new ground as a company.
Jack Kelly – Artistic Director OftheJackal
Olivia is a brilliant theatre-maker with a proven track record of commercial and critical success. She breathes new life into great stories - making unique theatre that is innovative, imaginative and accessible for audiences of all ages.
Steve Cowton - Head of Theatres at The Lowry
I have always been a huge fan of Olivia’s work, she is an extremely gifted storyteller and director whose work is seen all over the world. But she is also a tireless producer, leader and project wrangler with a tenacity that is as strong as her moral code and work ethic. Oh, and she’s really, really lovely to work with!
Rachel Tackley - Creative Director Riverside Studios
I’ve been an admirer of Olivia’s work as a director for 20 years, since I first saw her work with Tall Stories, and she has been a joy to work with since then. Her work is witty, inventive, clever and very funny, and she has a keen storytelling eye and ear. She makes accessible, entertaining work for audiences across all ages - her recent production of Canterville Ghost is a tour-de-force, full of brilliant set pieces (and a coup-de-theatre climax which leaves the audience marvelling). Beyond her talents as a director she has formidable producing and management experience, having built Tall Stories into the hugely successful cultural export that it is. In her consultancy work with Spymonkey she has been keen to share her wisdom and experience, gained from her years working in commercial and funded theatre in UK and internationally.
Toby Park, managing artistic director, Spymonkey