Photo Credits


The Latke that Couldn’t Stop Screaming:
Heather Davidson, Stuart Barter, Michael Lambourne, Damien Warren Smith and Luanna Priestman by Patrick Baldwin


Olivia in rehearsal by Toby Mitchell

Olivia with the company of Tall Stories Room on the Broom in the West End


Monkey’s Everywhere: Garry Starr pictured by Dallas Bland. Illustration Nic Allan

Snow White: Hilda Gardener and Sarah Louise Young – Toby Mitchell

Wilde Creatures: Steve McCourt, Lauren Silver and Tom Jude – Toby Mitchell

Canterville Ghost: Katie Tranter Matt Jopling, Callum Hughes and Steve Watts – Charlie Flint

Them With Tails: Tom Banks at Jim Fest – Olivia Jacobs

Rumpelstiltskin: Adam Bampton Smith – Toby Mitchell

The Gruffalo (SA): Ayanda Nondlwana, Mandisi Heshu, Sisonke Yafele, – Nardus Engelbrecht

The Gruffalo’s Child: Cat McKenzie, Sophie Alice and Andrew Mudie – Toby Mitchell

Something Else: Sharon Morewood and Angela Laverick – Toby Mitchell

How the Giraffe Got It’s Neck: Alan Park and Luanna Priestman – Toby Mitchell

Emily Brown and the Thing: Sophie Alice and Andrew Mudie – Toby Mitchell

The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr Benn: Paul Curley and Tim Hibberd – Toby Mitchell

The Latke that Couldn’t Stop Screaming:
Damien Warren Smith, Michael Lambourne, Luanna Priestman, Heather Davidson and Stuart Barter – Patrick Baldwin

Williams Monsters: Sarah Goddard, Paul Curley and David Garrud – Toby Mitchell

Room on the Broom: Jake Waring, Peter Steele, Jessica Manu and Hannah Miller

Mum and the Monster: Lesley Cook, Pat Bridgeman and Sarah Goddard – Toby Mitchell

The Monkeys Paw: Felix Hayes, Toby Hughes, Sara Hillier and Shaun Glanville


Wilde Creatures about to open – Olivia Jacobs

Wilde Creatures Set Box designed by Barney George – Olivia Jacobs

Wilde Creatures Set in rehearsal – Olivia Jacobs


Gruffalo rehearsals: Aaron Dart-Munro – Rachel Benson

Canterville Ghost rehearsals: Callum Hughes, Matt Jopling, Katie Tranter and Steve Watts – Rachel Benson

Wilde Creatures rehearsals: Steve McCourt, Andy Shaw, Tom Jude, Jon Fiber, Matt Jopling and Lauren Silver – Olivia Jacobs